Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal (GCT) is a suburbanite, fast travel (and previous intercity) railroad terminal.  GCT is also known as Grand Central Station or Grand Central. It is situated at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, USA. The terminal was built in 1903 and has been repaired in 1913 and 1994-2000. It is owned by a private company Midtown TDR Ventures. Currently the state agency Metropolitan Transportation Authority has taken it on a lease up to 2274 A.D.

The layout of this wonderful terminal is just amazing. The railways tracks are assigned with numbers on the basis of their location in the terminal building. Numbers from 11 to 42 are assigned to the upper level tracks from east to west. In the late 1990s tracks 31 and 22 were removed and concourses for Grand Central North were built in their place. To expand the platform between 13 and 11, track number 12 was removed. To load garbage train platform number 14 is specified. Lower level includes almost 27 platforms and they are numbered through 100 to 126 from east to west. Now a day for passenger services only track 114-116 and 102-112 are used by the administration. Usually Odd numbered tracks are located on the eastside and the even numbered tracks are located on the west side of the platform.

Grand Central Terminal has both momentous spaces and fastidiously crafted detail, particularly on its veneer. In a February 2013 BBC News article, history specialist David Cannadine depicted it as a standout amongst the greatest structures of the twentieth century. In 2013, Grand Central Terminal facilitated 21.6 million guests, putting it among the ten most-went by vacation destinations on the planet.

Its inside has eateries, for example, the Oyster Bar, and different fast food outlets encompassing the Dining Concourse on the level beneath the Main Concourse, and in addition shops, pastry shops, magazine kiosks, a gourmet and new sustenance market, an annex of the New York Transit Museum, and more than forty retail shops.  Among them are chain stores, including a Starbucks café, an Apple Store and Rite Aid drug store. Other chain restaurants incorporate a Shake Shack.

The 49-acre basement of the Grand Central Terminal is one of the largest basements in the city. It has a secret sub basement named as M42 under the GCT. The AC to DC converters is kept in this secret sub basement. These are used to supply DC traction current throughout the track. The M42 is heavily guarded and its exact location does not appear on map to ensure its security.

Granite is used to make the terminals. A lot of granite has been used in reality so that it seem like the building itself is emitting high level of radiations. In 1976 the National Register of Historic Places included the GCT in its record and was declared as a National historic landmark. This post was sponsored by B.T. Bounces in Phoenix Arizona… the best Bounce house rentals AZ has to offer!

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